Novatio launches TwinBond, a unique bonding system for wall cladding and brick slips.

With the launch of the TwinBond range, Novatio strengthens its position as a bonding specialist in construction.

Novatio, being a part of Novatech International, has a long tradition as a bonding specialist in construction, where product quality always was and still is a crucial basic principle.
Novatio focuses on specialized products for specialized applications by professional users.

Novatech International – mainly through the brand Novatio- has received an increasing number of questions regarding the adhesion of  wall cladding and brick slips. Novatio is therefore pushing rapidly to also provide this market with high quality, safe and environmentally friendly products. After an R&D range of 2 years, this resulted in setting up the TwinBond range of specialized products for that specific market. In the beginning of 2017, the TwinBond adhesive system was certified by KOMO, according to the BRL 4101-7 regulation for the adhesion of wall cladding. The primary intention here is a direct bonding between both substrates. For porous materials, an impregnating agent is used. TwinBond does not use any aggressive adhesive primers.


In addition to the bonding of almost all types of facade panels, such as HPL, fibre cement, metal, natural stone, ceramics and composites with TwinBond, Novatio also introduces its TwinBond Tack and TwinBond Spray; adhesive systems which are highly suitable for the bonding of all types and sizes of brick slips on both support plates and insulation plates, which can be applied both horizontally and vertically, in both ventilated and unventilated constructions.

Currently Novatio is working hard at the deployment of the Novatio Façade Academy, a training centre where installers of cladding and brick slips can be trained, evaluated and certified for the use of specific products.


By recruiting Richard Eisenkolb as a Business Development Director Novatio Façade, Novatio attracted one of the most competent technical and market experts in the field of bonded façade cladding.
His unique personal approach to customers, his project management, the system warranty, the Novatio Academy Façade and the numerous applications for TwinBond all have launched Novatio as a fully-fledged and fast growing player in the market for wall cladding and brick slips bonding.

Globally, the TwinBond range will be sold under the brand Novatio except for the Netherlands (Novatech Netherlands).
TwinBond is a range of professional products for  wall cladding and brick slips bonding. Also, the required cleaners and tapes will be provided in the system.




You can find the full assortment here: TwinBond