Surface protection and treatment

Novatio products offer effective protection against external influences. For example, Novafill Flex replaces traditional primer, filler and undercoat. So it is three products in one. It is handy and time-saving. And Nano Care Building makes your stone and concrete constructions water and dirt repellent.

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Updates and support

Aircat Ti50

    • Polymerised Nano Titanium Dioxide.
    • Results in a transparent, almost colourless photocatalytic top coat.
    • Draws energy from both UV-light andartificial light.
    • Makes treated porous surfaces self-cleaning and air-purifying.
    • Breaks down moss, algae and fungi, aided by light and air circulation.
    • Simple and quick to apply.
    • Water-based formula.
    • For interior and exterior use.
    • Immediately active.
    • Works for 5 to 10 years depending on the surface and application.