Health and safety

Health and safety are a top priority on the shop floor. You can find a whole series of products in this range in our catalogue. For example, Novapatch. This is a blood-staunching bandage that does not stick to the wound. Incorporated detection material even ensures that if Novapatch ends up in your product by chance - it will be detected quickly. Or what do you think of Cleany Pro-Gel, an 'invisible glove' that you apply in advance and which means that dirt can be removed much more quickly after work?

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Novapatch Rubber

    • Easy to use.
    • Resistant to water, oil, greases, sand,...
    • Does not stick into the wound or to the skin.
    • Can be used over plasters and over our NOVAPATCH.
    • Ideal for sensitive hands (chaps, scars).
    Application images: